We knew early on from our experiences that the world has enough space for each identity and so does the market for every unique brand.

Branding Tales, a digital marketing enterprise, came into existence with the sole mission to help brands forge their own unique identity, target the right audience and add the clamour to your business glamour! It was conceived with a vision to help you connect with your client and not restrict it solely to old school marketing strategies.

We at Branding Tales believe that every business has a tale. And we are here to narrate this tale to the world through high efficiency and boundless creativity.

Branding Tales is focused on Digital Branding and Marketing without making a hole in your pocket. It offers its clients cost efficient, aesthetically pleasing and optimal use of every marketing resource in delivering your cherished brand to the right place in the market, with a unique identity of its own. We deliberate the marketing of your brand to make it omnipresent.



What Our Clients Say

“An extremely ethical and professional team, led by Elnaz, a one stop solution for all your branding and marketing dilemmas. They always deliver the best quality work and never ceases to amaze. Highly recommended!”

Unnati Hunjan

“These guys are incredibly talented and reliable. They always go above and beyond for us. Their work is fantastic and they make a great team together. Highly recommend!”

Niriksha Hegde

“It is usually very difficult to execute what you as a client have in mind and how you put forth your ideas to the designer and how they execute it and that is where all the trouble begins. But with Branding Tales, I had just nothing to worry. My brand design was perfectly executed by them with no hassle and well in time. If your building your brand, then this is the place to be!”

Shivai Shinde

“Definitely I would recommend this team! They have been very supportive during these unprecedented time and have expertise to manage Indian, UK and Canadian clients. Happy to work with you guys!”

Aditya Ghanekar

“Had an amazing experience with Branding Tales. Their professionalism and a knack for out of the box ideas always made me feel enthusiastic and motivated. They are also quite punctual with the deliverables and deadlines. Hats off Branding Tales!!”

Vishi Ramchandani

“Branding Tales has amazing work and it is just the place where you will get all the perfect designs for your brand. Superb work with very innovative ideas. Impressed with the work.”

Tausif Shaikh

“The company has been helping me grow my business for a good 4-5 years. Therefore I can say that They understand the digital space and the need of the client. I have always received the highest quality along with complete satisfaction. Their creative work is fantastic and fast . Highly recommend!”

Fedora Fernandes

“Extremely good experience with the service from Branding Tales.
Very keen on understanding your product and target audience before presenting a strategy and goal.
Efficient delivery on the marketing platform/s of your choice.”

Glenn Belsher

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